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At Brasscraft Manufacturing Company we pride ourselves on our process, our craft and our attention to detail. Our pride is reflected in the thousands of high-quality plumbing products that are sold under theBrassCraft®普展店® andCobra® brands.



This is Our Craft™


Made by hardworking individuals who take great pride in their craft, BrassCraft products are designed with the pro in mind. With decades of experience behind them, our employees make sure Brasscraft Manufacturing produces high quality products plumbers depend on to make their business a success.

We are BrassCraft®. This is Our Craft™.

Betty Adams

43 Years of Service

Betty是Brasscraft Thomasville的包装操作员。她还有助于维持部门的包装机。她通过查看产品来了解产品部件号。贝蒂还在产品盒和标签区域工作。

Jeffrey Belser



Rob Lewis

7 Years of Service

Rob是Felp机器操作员在Brasscraft Thomasville的第二班。他不仅运行机器,而且他还在机器上进行设置和维护。ROB维持高质量标准,物料处理和与所有部门的员工沟通,确保我们的最佳产品可以在需要时发货。


4 Years of Service

Amanda is a Quality Assurance Auditor at Brasscraft Thomasville. Amanda performs daily audits in the machine shop and assembly to ensure we are making compliant product to specification. She also verifies set-ups and completes DPT testing and pressure checks throughout the process.

Belinda efird.

33 Years of Service

Belinda是Brasscraft Thomasville的运输检查员。Belinda在确保检查和验证货物的容器时,请使用我们的SURECOUNT流程来检查和验证。凭借她多年的经验,贝南达几乎可以在航运部门填写。


23 Years of Service

蒂姆是一个设施经理t BrassCraft Novi. Tim is responsible for facility safety, security, and the operation and maintenance of building systems and services. He is a Safety Committee member, and First Responder.



Jolin is responsible for logistics, shipment coordination and arrangement. Her positivity, tenacity and passion to do well for Brasscraft Asia are demonstrated on a daily basis. She is awarded as the “Honorable Mention” for the 2016 BrassCraft Zell Award. She is also a great cook.

Donny Shen

24 Years of Service

Donny is responsible for sourcing of Direct Import and Masco Sister Companies as well as matrix responsibility for several Brasscraft products. Donny enjoys the outdoors and is an avid photographer in his spare time.

Rex Hsu.


Rex works closely with the quality and buyer teams, leading Engineering duties for Brasscraft Asia. He is responsible for the Brasscraft Asia lab, ISIR reviews and ongoing product audit. In his spare time Rex enjoys the camping.

Elaine Lou


In addition to facilitating HR activities and training resources in Taiwan, Elaine is also responsible for assisting General Manager in daily operations, coordination of visitor accommodations and preparation for corporate events. Elaine enjoys reading, fashion and the arts.

Catalina “Cathy” Gutierrez

28 Years of Service

Cathy是Brasscraft Corona位置的炉子运营商。在涂层过程之前,她“烘烤”我们的连接器。她在28年前开始举办她的职业生涯。始终微笑,凯茜在不需要她需要的地方有助于生产。

Terri Lesly

33 Years of Service

Terri is a Brasscraft lifer! She is the Supervisor of Packing and Hose Assembly at Brasscraft Lancaster. Brasscraft is the first and only company she has worked for! Currently Terri supervises 60 employees in the Assembly Department. Her passion is helping her employees grow.


35 Years of Service


Rex Van Wey,Sr.


Rex is a Senior Lead Maintenance Technician at Brasscraft Lancaster. During his early years with Brasscraft, he obtained his certification as a journeyman electrician and uses these skills today in his responsibility for all plant equipment. His passion – besides his family and his livestock – is anything electrical!

Janet Budai



Drenda Moor

41 Years of Service


Claudia Perales.

23 Years of Service

作为Brasscraft Corona的铅生产机器操作员,克劳迪娅不仅操作机器,她还将人力和机器时间安排为客户订单生产产品。她用一个驱动器和决心解决任务,使不可能的可能性。

Don Nguyen


Don是一款管磨机在Brasscraft Corona生产柔性不锈钢管道的运营商。凭借他的经验和培训,唐也是必要时进行次要修理和调整铣床的进入人员。他脸上露出灿烂的笑容。


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